American Bully

14483847_339570546390180_341789806_nThe American Bully as we know it is more bulldog like than the standard American Pit Bull Terrier, but like the American Pit Bull Terrier it retains all the virtues of the breed along with the same basic look of the foundation stock.

Bullies are usually much larger and more muscle bound with much deeper chest than the standard American Pit Bull Terrier. Their headpiece is something to be admired and is a source of pride to all Bully fanciers.

General Impression

The American Bully should give the impression of great strength and power. It should be very well muscled, have a very pronounced head for its size and its body should be well put together. The Bully at first glance will give the impression of a body builder with no muscle lacking in development. Females being slightly lighter in build and bone. Movement for both will be heavier and encompass more roll, due to the increase muscle development. This is typical for the Bully. .


Head to be large and prominent with good top skull being flat not domed between ears. Head will be disproportionate to body size. Neck is to be short to medium length with a very slight arch widening from the base of the skull to the shoulder blade. Slightly loose skin in this area is acceptable. Eyes to be set far apart and low on skull. Muzzle to be of short or medium length with a very pronounced stop and fall away, with well developed cheek muscles, should give the impression of strong biting power on lower mandible. Lower jaw shall be well developed not weak. General impression should have the appearance of good gripping strength. Ears are to be set high on the skull. Face may have slight wrinkles and loose skin. Also slightly loose flews acceptable. Bite is to be scissors. Upper teeth to meet closely over lower teeth.


Cropped or uncropped is permissible. Uncropped ears should be either rose or half prick.

Faults Full drop to be penalized


Straight well boned forelegs set rather far apart at the shoulders, showing no looseness. Feet are of medium size with tight pasterns, which are strong, tight and upright. Feet may turn out a little at the pastern.

Faults Out at elbows Out at shoulders Bowed front



Hindquarters should be well muscled. Good inner and outer muscling of the thigh. Rear stifle to have adequate bend with hocks well let down. Legs are parallel when viewed from the rear.

Faults Cow hocked Sickle hocked No bend in stifle Over angulated High set hocks


The body of a Bully is muscular and compact. Short across the back being closely coupled. The topline should slope slightly from the point of the shoulders to over the hindquarters and fall away from the croup to the tail. The front is wide with a deep brisket. Ribs are to be well sprung and evenly spaced and a slight tuck at the waist. Chest is to be deep and barrel shaped.


Short in comparison to body. Appears to be carried like an old fashion water pump handle when viewed from the side. Set low on rump tapering to a fine point.

Fault Kinked tail Gay tail (Not to be Mistaken for a Challenge Tail) Disqualification Docked tail (unless accompanied with a veterinary’s explanation)


Any color or color pattern is permissible or combination of color is acceptable with the exception of Merle.

Disqualification Merle


Males should weigh 40 to 125 pounds. Females should weigh 35 to 100 pounds. Height should be for Pocket Size is from 13 to under 16 inches. For Standard Size is 16 to under 19 inches and for XL Size is 19 to 22 inches.


Any color acceptable. Must have pigmentation around eyelids. Eyes are to be set low and far apart on the skull.

Disqualification Pink eyes, Albinism



Gait will be heavy with a tendency to roll. Dog should convey a demeanor with self confidence and an impression of great power and a zest for life. When trotting, roll may become accentuated. Front legs may turn slightly out. Rear legs to track in a straight line. As speed increases legs should converge to the center line.

Traveling to close
Traveling to wide
Legs not traveling on the same plane
Crossing over Pacing Hackney movement


Coat should appear smooth, glossy and in good condition. Coat should be moderately stiff to the touch when brushed in one direction.

Wavy coat
Sparse coat

Merle colored coat
Long coat


Extreme shyness or viciousness
One or both testicles not dropped (by six months of age)
Deafness in one or both ears
Albinism in eyes
Docked tail
Long coat
Merle coat