WCA Points Schedule


The WCA was formed by experienced dog breeders, judges and people who love showing their dogs. Here we have broken down the points schedule so you can better understand how your dog is earning points when it competes.

A total of 45 points can be won in a Show

* A Major is when a dog wins Best Male or Best Female

* A Leg is when a dog takes a Champion win


Class breakdown for each variety or breed:

Puppy 6-9 months

Senior puppy 9-12 months

Junior 1-2 years

Adult  2-3 years

Senior   3+

Competition Class and Win

  • Dog´s can only compete in One class per show.

  • There must be a minimum of 2 dogs in it´s class to earn any points.

  • All dogs will get 10 points for 1st place in the class (only if there is competition)

  • 1st place winners from each class will compete for best female or best male

  • The best female and male/and best of varities will compete for best of winners

  • In order to recieve points for best female and best male or best of winners there must be competition (at least one other dog in competition or group)

To become Champion

In order for your dog to become a WCA Champion the following requirements must be met:

  • Earn 125 pts

  • Earn 3 Majors under 3 different judges.

  • Champion class must have at least 3 dogs competing

To become National Champion

  • Must have a minimum of 160 pts

  • Must have earned 5 Majors minimum of 2 outside of state

To become International Champion

  • Must have earned a minimum of 6 Majors , a minimum of 2 out of state and 2 out of the country

To become Grand Champion

Must earn 4 Champion wins 

To earn a Champion win there must be a minimum of 3 dogs in the Champion class