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Thank you for visiting our website. The WCA was brought together by judges and breeders with some of the utmost experience in Bully breeds. With over decades of judging and showing dogs, our judges are highly qualified and aim to select only the best of the breeds who compete with us. We have come together to provide a new Registration experience for you. The WCA is a confirmation registry and we aim to keep the bully breed clean, never excluding any breeds as long as they meet their standard. The WCA upholds the highest level of integrity and offers a wide range of products. We provide breeders, owners and enthusiasts with attractive and affordable documents at a rate faster than our competitors.


We will continue to evolve and expand our range of products to meet the needs of our customers. Thank you for choosing the WCA we know you will enjoy your experience with us, please check back soon for more updates.

World Canine Association

What separates the The WCA from all other registries?

WCA CORE VALUES •Exhibit LOYALTY- The WCA vows to bear true faith & allegiance to the breeds supported by our registry. We will stay dedicated to the advancement of all these breeds and communities supporting them.
•Fulfill DUTY- As a family & team, the WCA community has set out to fulfill its obligations & duty to help our bully breeds and community prosper, by setting a STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE. We will fulfill our obligation by exhibiting superlative professionalism & consummate dedication to display to the world that our breed is the BEST breed known to man. •RESPECT all- The WCA prides itself on treating breeders & fanciers & all of their work with RESPECT. It allows us to appreciate paramount qualities, which are utilized to push our breed past all expectations. Each one of our team members & family members uphold the most vital ingredient of the WCA’s code of RESPECT: Self respect. Each member puts forth their best effort in attempt to contribute to the betterment of our breed, community, & registry.
•Practice SELFLESS SERVICE- The WCA staff, associates & team members all take pride in placing the welfare of the breed & community before our own. In serving our breed & community, The WCA manages to accomplish fulfilling our obligations of advancing the breed & community without thought of recognition or gain; only thoughts of protecting the direction, well-being and integrity of the breed.
•Instill INTEGRITY- Integrity is a learned and developed quality. As it blossoms inside of you, so too will the trust others place in you as a person, breeder and breed fancier. Always do what’s right, legally & morally. Avoid deception and deceptive individuals. Breed and show with DIGNITY.
•Display HONOR- The WCA’s highest attainable award is “The Dogman’s Badge of Honor”. The award is presented to breeders, fanciers and WCA family members who make it a daily habit to live by the HONORABLE World Canine Association’s “Core Values”: LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE & INTEGRITY

DNA Information

  • DNA Profiling
  • Parentage Analysis
  • Color Coat & Pattern
  • Inherited Genetic Disorders


WCA Membership

The WCA now offers a Membership Program. With the membership program, you have access to Benefits, Promotions and information on your registration status. The WCA will also provide Puppy Starter kits for all litters registered to Members of the program.



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Our New paperwork is just about done. We anticipated this new look to be ready for early 2018 and to our surprise, we will be releasing a brand new look for our Puppy Applications this month! Our New Permanent Registration look will be announced as soon as we are ready to release it. Thank you for visiting our website for updates. 

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